10 Best James Bond Video Games

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“Bond s world of super spies luscious ladies and washboard abs apps is a one one that s been kept away from silver screens for any major length of time. Unfortunately. He s been absent from the video game world for far too long in fact. Although.

The james bond mythos is ripe for adaptation. It s actually quite surprising how little there is to pick from when you stack up every entry. The martini slinging agent has been a part of that said. Though a series that s been around for this long.

As inevitably racked up its fair share of tie ins. As well as original titles. Enough to divide funds on their favorites. As the series has aged everyone from sean connery to pierce brosnan to daniel craig have allowed different generations to pick their favorite bonds.

But when deciding who played the womanizing maverick best video game fans also take into account who had the best tions. I m josh from wok lucam and these are the 10 best james bond video games of all time. But before we begin don t forget to subscribe to steer notified. Ding ding.

Dong. Number. 10 double o. 7.

Quantum of solace. Quantum is first about the sheer. Fact that it s essentially call of duty. But with james bond.

Which is admittedly a pretty damn good mix. But it s almost like a completely different title has been given a bond theme skin. Unlike activision s defining series. There are quantum switches between third and first person during key moments such as taking cover performing contextual kills.

And doing stealth attacks in next census. The studio didn t pair for daniel craig s likeness for no reason god damn..

It and so the camera constantly zooms out to show off their fairly accurate bond character model in all of its glory. Succeeding where the movie failed by actually you know being an entertaining product. That actually made sense the only thing lacking here was a sense of originality making the finished article feel more like a call of duty mod and a full release number. 9.

James bond. Double. Oh seven bloodstone. Another entry for the forever.

Hating. His own role. Daniel craig. Ira.

Who once again lends his scowling face to a title. Bloodstone moves away from the plot of any movie. Directly and instead spins. A story that s essentially just an excuse to smash in as many terrorists.

Kills. With your bare hands as possible swapping to a third person perspective to complement the renewed focus on mel combat this incredibly competent third person shooter took keys of wars. Stop and pop cover system and added in some lightning fast brutal melee attack downs that saw you blitz through corridors of goons and a flurry of gut punches of meaty kicks like you were playing through that one scene from old boy with an entirely original plot and a full likeness from craig. Including his voice.

This underrated licensed gem is a perfectly serviceable action shooter that far more people should have picked up number eight tomorrow never dies like his non committal movie counterpart bond has had a bit of a flirtatious time with perspectives over the years and gaming. One minute. He s diving into first person and letting you live out all your tuxedo spotting fantasies from his perspective. And the next.

The camera pulls. We re back in an attempt to make the whole thing feel a bit more cinematic consequently coming after the immaculate goldeneye was never going to be an easy task. And so develop a black ops entertainment opted instead to switch everything to avoid inevitable comparisons to something they were probably never going to get close to the end result was tomorrow never dies the first third person bond in the first let you play out a great number of the film set pieces as you soaked in everything around you it s primitive for sure. But it was one of the first titles to truly make you feel like old jimmy be number seven double or 7 agent under fire it s like some morpheus meme styled.

What if scenario. But what if a whole generation of burgeoning first person shooter addicts..

Soon to be enthralled by the delights of online multiplayer cut their teeth on ears superb agent under fire and just as important to where s goldeneye for years prior alright. Maybe the game isn t that important. It s not like ears. Follow up managed to make waves big enough to define entire genre.

Zuv. Competitive multiplayer. Where the general feel of combat was tactile and responsive enough to give you a brilliant time. Bringing the pan to all manner of evil henchmen from pierce brosnan s likeness.

This time not a flat face polygonal skeleton like on the n64 to a huge variety of weapons and locales that took you over and underground across a sizeable campaign agent and a fire remains one of ears. More solid efforts from a time. When annual franchises were thankfully. A concept.

Laughed out of the board room. Number. 6. Goldeneye double.

Oh seven 2010. Wait no not that goldeneye in deb. This daniel craig fronted reboot of rares masterwork did feel original what craig s newer films pimped her on the silver screen ie make things more bombastic less leery and generally far more visceral. While updating the combat along the way this weekend.

Would let us see a re release on both ps3 and the 360. A few years later. Helping refine. The multiplayer component.

Thanks to not relying on the waggling whore for the best gunplay of the motion controlled original. The old school vibes were strong with this one though with that empowering sensation of being bond. Transferring across generations perfectly of all there was a heavy cod influenced overhang leading to some very bombastic set pieces for the most part. This was a fitting tribute to the original game that so many people hold incredibly dear number.

5. The world is not enough the next best thing to goldeneye for the n64..

He obviously decided that the blocky look of third person bond. Didn t make for the best follow up to something that defined generations. Worth of childhoods instead electing to return to first person blasting of course. It still couldn t beat old goldilocks still as will become increasingly apparent with this list bond is very much a near franchise despite rares debut home run.

But the former s movie games of yesteryear were fans first for rares into exactly what boxes to take to make sure they got maximum sales alongside generally positive cultural reception. It s a shame you can t say that about ear. Today. But for that early world of games that found their feet alongside the industry itself.

They re a pretty slick mix of nostalgia and innovation. In retrospect. Number four double oh seven from russia with love reprising his role as the swagger sweating womanizer of choice for the first time since 1983 sean connery s return marked out from russia with love instantly as one of the best portrayals of bond in a game. Even if other titles might have had better gambler even better the game made 40 years after the original movie was based on was never limited by its source material here.

The stakes were opted quite considerably for instance adding in radical new bond set. Pieces like the spy fighting a helicopter inside a museum with nothing more than an automatic rifle. Because yeah schewe that s exactly what the original classic was missing thanks to ears pockets being deeper than a philosophy majors final paper production made every silenced pistol headshot tank detonation and one liner ring out perfectly. Only being held back by more tactile combat.

Perfected in bonds or the efforts number. Three james bond. Double. Oh.

Seven knight fire when the industry was still experimenting with the idea of on rail sections and the notion of just how much control they could take away from players. Knight fire acted as the perfect balance of set pieces and freedom consequently. The campaign mode turned into a rollicking ride of high octane. Explosion filled car.

Chases and tight marksman style. Gunplay racked up in the high end gloss that was lacking from other licensed games at the time brosnan once again lent his likeness to the role. But had someone else fill in on voice duties. Still it didn t hamper the immersion one bit and whether you were jetting through the campaign and dodging missiles in an aston martin or firing back up the multiplayer to score a cross map.

Headshot with a rocket. Launcher knight..

Fire is easily bons best first person shooting experience course mm well. It s not the best bond fps. Because number two goldeneye double. Oh seven chances are few went out into the street right now and yelled.

What s the best bond game over the wail of police sirens come in to lock you up you no doubt hear a wall of noise yelling back goldeneye rares license tie in has easily become their more celebrated effort thanks to a slightly improvised approach that led to the multiplayer being included as a goof by the development team they decided to just roll with it and it worked in where s nobody could have possibly imagined for any gamer in their twenties their entire understanding of friendship shattering split screen multiplayer was no doubt born out of golden eyes. Meticulously crafted combat mechanics. Although now the state of online gaming boils down to making sure your ping or whatever is greater than the other players they ll never be anything so primally. Enjoyable is jamming a wedge of card onto the screen.

So the other player can t see where you are while you twat them in the head with it insta killing hat god damn was that good number one james bond double oh seven everything or nothing for all that goldeneye does extremely well. And there is a lot can you honestly say that the things that draw you to it are routed in it being a james bond gam or a supremely. Proficient fps in hindsight is most like latter with the allure of competitive multiplayer creating an endless supply of thickly rimmed rose tinted specs for a game. That s aged like milk everything a nothing leave the hand remains one of the most enjoyable and instantly.

Replayable bond experiences ever brosnan is back for an entirely new adventure complete with a new theme song and a host of celebrity likenesses scanned in let me just run down the voice cast for you made up of judi dench. Willing to for john cleese and richard keels jaws hell. Even pierce himself finally showed up in the flesh. Alongside the facial scarring to round out.

The package. Yes. Yes. Yes.

For a change. Third. Person action. Was the order of the day and down was it better than ever having you doing everything from offing opponents with a range of environmental attacks to sliding under an exploding tanker on a titty hitting superbike even the driving physics were modeled on ears need for speed engine everything just worked in a came together like nothing else making for the quintessential videogame bond.

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